Jesus: A Visitor or the Master

While I was having my devotion the other day, God posed a very alarming thought and a very troubling question to me. IT WAS PERSONAL.

David, what can you say of My Son? Jesus, is He just a visitor in your heart or is He The Master of your heart?

I couldn’t answer Him right away. I was lost in words [or perhaps in excuses]. Suddenly, I struggled to look for answers, for reasons, for words but i couldn’t find one. I was bare naked in front of my Father, and I couldn’t look at Him or at least say something. Let me ask you the same question. “Jesus: Is He just a visitor, or is He the Master?”

Looking for Answers

You see, we all have houses right? Whether big or small, simple or fancy, we all can agree that we live in a house. Then, once in a while someone, like a friend, a relative, a classmate, or a neighbor, visits us at home. What do we call these people? We call them VISITORS. And what do we do when visitors come to our homes? We make sure that our house looks good. We clean EVERY ROOM. We sweep all throughout the entire house. We wash all the dishes. We wipe all the counters and cabinets. We shine all the furnitures, all the walls, all the floors. Then we cook good food, the best tasting food. Then, if our visitor wants to stay over for the night, we prepare a room for him. We prepare a bed, with the cleanest bed sheets and cushions, and the softest pillows. In the morning, we prepare the best breakfast. We make sure that our visitor will have the best time of his life in our house. We want to make him as comfortable as possible. Two simple truths that we can get when a visitor comes: WE PREPARE THE BEST and in result WE GET TIRED.

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” Revelations 3:20

You see, Jesus has knocked on the door of my heart many times before. As a Christian [and growing from a Christian family], I’ve opened the door of my heart to Jesus so many times. I’ve prayed the prayer of acceptance so many times.

“Lord Jesus, I invite You to come into my heart. Forgive me from my sins. I know how much You love me. I invite you to be the Lord and Saviour of my life. Amen.”

As a child, I remember a lot of turning points in my faith. There’s the River of God Camp of 2002, the JFA camp of 2002, the youth camp of 2004, the JFA camp of 2005, and a lot more dates. These dates all represent how shaky my spiritual life has been and how the Grace of God has continued to change me in the past years, but here’s one problem with these dates. They all remind me of my INSINCERITY when I prayed, “Father, I invite you to be my personal Lord and Saviour”. Sad to say, I never really meant for Jesus to stay. Apparently, all I wanted during those nights was a VISITATION, not a HABITATION. I allowed Jesus to stay for a few days, a few weeks, and maybe at best, a month. Afterwards, I set Him packing again waiting for His next visit, while I live my life the way I want to live it. [Sad to say, this happens every camp.]

You see, God treats our words, our prayers, and our vows very seriously, and when we break them, He’s hurt. Everytime I sent Him packing, I knew He’s hurt, yet He never left (Hebrews 3:5b).Β He stayed right outside the door, knocking continuously and will never tire. You see, our hearts are like houses and Jesus stands at the door of our house knocking. When you prayed, “Come Lord, Jesus”, He entered your heart and you know what, when He entered your heart, He saw how filthy and dirty it is. Unlike our physical houses, we cannot clean our hearts by our own. We can act all good and wholesome in the world, but Jesus sees the garbage in our heart, and HE IS NOT IMPRESSED. If I am going to be a visitor of my heart, seeing how broken and crazy it is in there, Man I’d get out the very instance I got in. BUT JESUS WOULDN’T. He wants to stay. In fact, He wants to own it. Would you buy a BROKEN AND UGLY HOUSE? Jesus would. Jesus wants the MASTER’S KEY to my heart. He wants to repair it. He wants to change some of it. He wants to make it clean. He has all the tools for a complete renovation — His Blood and His Spirit, the question is, “Would I give Him the Master’s keys? or should I keep Him as a Visitor?” Would You?

You see, after my Baptism on August 21, 2011, I kinda felt like I made Him just as a visitor again. I treated Him nicely, made myself busy to make good impression on Him, but bottomline, I made Him just another visitor. And so when God asked me this question on my devotion, I was really speechless. I knew the answer and I can’t say it. I was embarrassed to say it. When will I give Him the Master’s Key. I say TODAY.


And that goes for you too!

Integrity in Living out our Prayers

You see, Christian, don’t treat Jesus as a visitor of your heart. Treat Him as you LORD. In fact, that’s what you asked when you invited Him in your heart right? “I invite You to be MY PERSONAL LORD and Saviour.” SO LET HIM BE! He’s more than your fire insurance. He’s more than your Saviour. He must be your LORD and that my friend requires A LISTENING EAR and an OBEDIENT ATTITUDE. Master’s Will, not your will. Make Him the Master. He doesn’t want to just visit, but he want to inhabit with you. He wants to stay forever. Don’t TIRE yourself making your heart clean. You might be asking lately, why can’t I see the change in me? Well, that’s because until He cleans you by His blood and changes your heart, your actions will ALL BE IN VAIN. All He asks for is the ownership of your house [your heart]. Once you give Him the ownership, the Master’s key to your heart, then it is up to Him to make it clean. It is easy for Him to clean it but it doesn’t come cheap. He offered His life as an exchange and so there is Hope. He is God. Friend, whether you have accepted Him personally or not, All He asks for is the Master’s Key. Will you give it to Him? Will He remain as a VISITOR or will he be THE MASTER?


3 thoughts on “Jesus: A Visitor or the Master

    • Thanks. All Glory to God πŸ™‚ That’s a great goal. weeee But I’m just new in this blogging thing. Haha I just need an outlet where I can be silent and where i can confidently express myself. Most of all, an outlet to share the revelations and learnings I receive from God daily. haha trying to discipline my writing habits though πŸ™‚ haha Sometime, and God willing πŸ™‚ God bless on your blog too πŸ™‚


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