Walk and Talk

An interesting question struck me tonight. It was unexpected but very effective. It all happened fast while we were videotaping (filming) a close friend for a video production. “What is more important: Words or Actions?”

Let’s talk Technical: Audio and Videos

The scenario: The red record circle logo was blinking. I had just finished asking the question. My subject has just started to respond to the question.

Suddenly, a loud laugh echoed through the corridors up to the room where my interview was taking place. In the spirit of patience, I convinced myself to ignore it, but, a few seconds after, a louder laugh took place followed by a couple of audible chitchats. I pressed the stop button, walked my way through the narrow corridors, and went to the source of the noise. I politely asked if they could tone down the noise for a little bit just until the recording is finished. Then, the interview resumed. Considering I wasn’t feeling well that time, I think I managed to smile and be polite with that request. I think.

Anyway, back to the topic. The question that came to mind while all of this took place was, “Will this video interview footage be useful if the audio is bad?” As someone who is fond of video productions, this caught my attention. In the past, I had plenty of video collections that went into waste because of bad audio recording. I knew that this interview footage would be a waste, just like the others, if all that is heard in the interview audio are the people in the background laughing and chitchatting instead of the subject’s answer to my questions.

Yes. In an interview setting, two very crucial components are the subject’s answers (audio) and the subject’s reaction and expressions (video). All those video zooms, pans, tilts, and tracks would be useless if the subject’s audio response is not crystal clear. At the same time, audio by itself is not sufficient.

“Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.” ~ U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone

Let’s talk Practical: Talking and Walking

In terms of life, it goes the same. There must be a harmonious blend between our talking and our walking. Our words are useless if we don’t walk in them and our actions are just as useless if we speak in contradicting fashion. There’s that popular phrase that says, “Walk the talk, and talk the walk”.

Most of the times, WE BOAST IN THE BEAUTY OF OUR SPEECH but our actions speak otherwise. Myself not excused. We tend to make statements with our words but our actions fall behind. We tend to use colourful, rosy words. We focus on the read and the heard, than on what is seen and the reality of things. But that is not enough.

Then, sometimes, WE ARE ALL SHOW AND ACTION but our speech show otherwise. Sometimes, we tend to do all things, show everyone that we do all things, but at the end of the day, our mouth is full of complaints and frustrations. We never stop with the murmurs. It still isn’t enough. Remember that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45).

So the question is, which is more important? Both.

Talking is as important as walking. LIKE THAT OF AN INTERVIEW FOOTAGE, BOTH WOULD BE A WASTE IF EITHER IS A WASTE. The real value of an interview is when the audio and the video is a perfect match. Crystal Clear. In the same way, the real value of our life (most importantly, our Christian life) is determined by the perfect blend, a lovely harmony between our words and actions. There must be no contradiction. NO HYPOCRISY.

As a “professing” Christian and an “applying” Believer, when God watches [mine and] your life’s interview footage, will He be pleased with the audio and the video? Or will our life’s interview footage [may it be in betamax, cassette tape, dvd, or blu-ray format] be thrown in the pile of garbage? I hope it’s the former and not the latter — both for me and for you!


3 thoughts on “Walk and Talk

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