A Loving Twin

A heart-warming birthday greeting from my brother.


My Loving Twin

Technically, for 31 days my Kuya (older brother) and I are twins — from August 15 to September 15. Although the “twin” part is not entirely natural, the “loving” part is beyond reasonable, and even irrational, doubt. Looking back into the rich library of memories I share with my loving brother David Jonathan, saying “I am overwhelmingly overjoyed” is still an understatement of the thankfulness I feel deep within my heart.

Back in the days … Kuya sits in Mama’s left lap, while I sit on the right. Sometimes I hold on to Papa’s left arm, and Kuya takes the right. Inside the bus, office, or anywhere we go, some people would wonder if we are twins. Because aside from being dressed identically, we were pressed inseparably.

In the house, I play the role of Nala (which I didn’t know ’til later that it was a girl) while he…

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