Food: Past Experiements

Everybody loves food

I love eating and I know you do as well. Every since I came to Canada, out of nowhere, I suddenly had this desire to cook. I think the primary reason I wanted to cook is because I want to have the ability to create any meal that I am craving for. Living far from home, I want to taste the delicacies of home whenever I want to. Good thing the internet is a great teacher.

Also, I think learning the skill of cooking is a lifetime warranty that you will never go hungry. Recipes are really easy to follow. What I’m trying to learn now is to remember what ingredient goes into a meal.

Lastly, I love cooking because of my nature to experiment. I love playing around with stuff whether they are hardware electronics, puzzles, software codes, and even food. Yes I do follow most of the recipes but I always play around with different spices. My mom knows what-in-the-world kinda spices I add into regular recipes. I remember putting chocolate in her Asado Siopaos and my siblings loved it. The fried rice and egg meals I cook are full of weird spices. Cajun, herbs, and every kind of seasoning. Someday, I’d love to have one entire cabinet of different spices gathered from different parts of the world.

As of now, I’m still learning a lot in the kitchen through my mom’s and Nikko’s tips and tricks. I remember how terrified I was before of frying things and of knives and now, I quite comfortable with both. My experience in a snackbar and restaurant Kitchen really played a huge role in my interest with cooking.

So yeah. So far, the following are just some of the meals I’ve experimented on. I dunno where I placed the others. Also, most of them doesn’t have the recipes but I will include the recipes in my future experiments 🙂

Credits to: Nikko Dimacalli, Joshua Esguerra, my Mom, and the many recipes I opened, used, and disregarded.

Let’s cook more.


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