Spicy Korean Chicken

One of the International Cuisine I love so much is the Korean Cuisine. Actually, I don’t just love their cuisine but their whole country. I hope to visit South Korea too sometime in the future and if everything works according to plan, it would be a visit with my high school batchmates.

Anyway, back to food. I love the heat and the taste of Korean food. I remember not so long ago how I first had a taste of Korean food. It was on a plane back in 2002 when I joined the International Student Convention that was held at Arizona, USA. Korean Air was our airlines going to the states and back and I remember how bimbimbap tasted like. Honestly, it wasn’t the bimbimbap that caught my taste buds cause if you’ve tried bimbimbap before, it was a just a simple mixture of a variety of vegetables plus a little portion of beef. What I loved most about that meal was this little tube of Korean paste that came with it. That spice was amazing. I remember bringing extra Korean paste home from the airlines during our flight back.

Oh, and have I told the story how we got stranded at South Korea on our way back and was given a one night visa too? We stayed at Regency Hotel in Seoul Korea that night and was given coupons to eat at the hotel. I cannot fully remember the meal I had then but I am sure it was an amazing meal.

It wasn’t until we came here to Canada that I was reminded of how that Korean paste tasted like. Of course, as you have guessed, Korean Air was the airlines we took going here almost five years ago. So in memory of those days, its a Korean kinda night tonight as we celebrate our Friday Family Shabbat dinner. I had to try making this Korean mouthwatering meal. I took the recipe from http://www.spoonforkbacon.com/2014/03/korean-chicken-nuggets/ and it taste wonderful. I loved the heat and the taste of the Korean paste and the crispiness of the chicken.

Honestly, I had to experiment a bit because I don’t have Korean paste available. However, I do have some leftover Ssamjang sauce that I made for the Korean Kalbi meal we had from the past. So here are a couple of snapshots from today’s meal.

I’d recommend the above recipe. It is amazing. Will definitely have to try this again.



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