Thoughts Family, Father, Love

Hope is not lost.

My Heart, My Journey, My Life

We all have them, whether it consists of us having brothers and sisters, being a single child, being with both parents, divorced parents. Some say blood is thicker than water, and that families should and need to stick together. But then there are those families that cannot stick together, those that are falling apart, where troubles and where love is lacking. Who can you turn to when your family isn’t there for you? Where can you get that love from a father? The love of a mother? The love of a sibling?

Turn towards God for all that you need. He is our eternal father, He is the one always watching over you, helping you, protecting you; He is the one that always loves you. When your friends and family cannot help, or when you feel that no one loves you, turn to God and feel His love. If you have…

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