Call Me: Barabbas

At that moment when Jesus died on the cross, it was only Barabbas who knew that Jesus died for him. Now, we all do.


We are all “Barabbas”.

In life, the reality is, we are all fighting something.

Have you ever been oppressed? Have you ever been abandoned? Orphaned? Have you ever been humiliated? Has anyone betrayed your trust? Have you lived a life where you’ve always been looked down upon? Do you feel that no one trusts in you? Do you feel that no one believes in you? Do you feel that you are alone? Do you feel that no one loves you?

What are you fighting for? Are you fighting in behalf of someone? Are you fighting for love, for hope, for freedom? Are you looking to prove yourself? Are you out to prove someone wrong? What are you fighting for?

Take a pause dear sir and madam. Breathe and ponder. Ask, what motivates your life? Ask, what do you believe in? Ask, what are you fighting for? Ask, what are you living for? Ask, what is your purpose?

Without purpose, there is no point to life. Allow me to share the stories of two people who lived and fought for

I do not know what shaped Barabbas’ life and character but I do know that Barabbas fought for his and his people’s freedom [politically and perhaps militarily] and he was willing to die for such freedom. It leads me to wonder what Barabbas believed his life’s purpose was.

Let me share to you the story of my Model and Pattern regarding life’s purpose, Him who knows all things. His name is Jesus and He too fought for something. He too fought for the freedom of those whom He loved.



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